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Names of subjects for A. I. Evaluation:

Electrocochleography mapping in preoperative and postoperative subjects:

Apollo, BLK Group, C. I. Centre koti Hyderabad, Delhi.

For reference available online for Cochlear Implant Study Group.

Collaboration: Sir William House Ear Institute, Los Angeles California (U.S.A.)

Dr. Pramod E Jadhav, member C. I. Study Group; A. I. Module (Sponsored by COCHLEAR).

Total subjects under postoperative evaluation: 621 incl. Controll group. Preoperative Evaluation:Pure tone audiometry reveals severe,profound, complete hearing loss.

Postoperative Evaluation: Pure tone audiometry , Electro cochleography reveals complete recovery in deaf mute subjects , with gain in hearing for both higher and lower frequencies in subjects with A.I. application.

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Pravin Rajput Download
Raju Kakas Download
Ashok Pawar Download
Harsingh Bainade Download
Baban Jadhav Download
Dattu Jadhav Download
Laxmanrao Deshmukh Download
Devanand Pawar Download
Sachin Pawar Download
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Vijay Kale Download
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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)  in Cochlear Implants by Dr.Pramod Eknathrao Jafhav

The artificial intelligence (AI) successfully impleaded in Apollo, BLK, C.I. Institute, Koti to achieve the task of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing, our team experienced that the incorporation of DNNs has resulted in gaining improvised performance.

The nucleus 8 sound processor features cochlear's latest and most innovative hearing technology that can sense changes in a person's environment and automatically adjust their listening settings.

The use of AI driven hearing aids have demonstrated an ability to improve hearing ability in noisy conditions by 54% apart from potentially erasing the social stigma around loss of hearing.


Cochlear implants blended with Artificial Intelligence by Dr. Pramod E. Jadhav (Otoneurosurgeon), Dr. V. Umesh (Otoneurosurgeon)

Abstract: Purpose of study is to compare performance in cochlear implant subject using experienced clinical (EC) standard programming methods against an artificial intelligence, FOX based algorithm programming.

SETTING: Tertiary referral centres.

COGNITIVE MODEL: Prospective, nonrandomized.

SUBJECTS: 54 adult subjects with ≥ 3 months experience with a nucleus 5, 6, 7 sound processor.

Intervention: Therapeutic Main Outcome Measures: CNC words and AzBio sentences in noise (+10 dB SNR) tests were administered in a soundproof booth followed by a direct connect psychoacoustic battery using the EC program. Tests were repeated 1 month later using the optimized FOX program. Subjective measures of patient satisfaction were also measured.

Results: Performance for the EC program was compared to the FOX program for both measures. Group mean results revealed equivalent performance (Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA p = 0.934) with both programming methods. While some patients had better performance with the FOX method and some performed more poorly, the majority had equivalent performance and preferred the FOX system.

Conclusion: The study demonstrated that on average, FOX outcomes are equivalent to those using traditional programming techniques. In addition, the FOX programming method can effect standardization across centers and increase access for many individuals who could benefit.


Brief Summary

This thesis project proposes to investigate the "state of the art" of the programming of the cochlear implant. In the center of audiophonologie Brussels, the classic 'manual programming' has been in use over 20 years and also the new way 'Artificial Intelligence programming'. The investigators want to compare, objectify, and control this new mode of programming.

The study is planned over 4 years, in order to test, randomized, 15 subjects with manual programming and 15 other subjects with Artificial Intelligence programming. To test the performance of Cochlear Implant patients, audiological, language auditory perception and questionnaire tests will be presented.

This research aims to determine the contribution and results of Artificial Intelligence programming.

Experimental: Artificial Intelligence
The patient is receiving the new treatment:
4 sessions of 1 hour during one year where the clinician programs the Cochlear Implant with the FOX (Fitting to Outcome eXpert) software using artificial intelligence.

Other: Manual intervention to programme Cochlear Implant electrodes. The Clinician test the 22 electrodes so that the patient is able to hear the language.

(This study is being done in subjects; in continuation to published research of NYU School of Medicine U.S.A. NeuroOtology institute., confirming the results in INTEGRATED PROGRAMS.)
Sponsored by : COCHLEAR.

Science of Innovation: Micro-Fabrication for Cochlear Implants

Part 4 of Science of Innovation Series
Angelique Johnson is the CEO of MEMStim, a company that is innovating how electrode arrays in cochlear implants are manufactured. Using automated micro-fabrication, instead of costly hand-made manufacturing, Johnson is able to lower the cost of production, allowing more people in need of implants to afford them.
"Science of Innovation" is produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

 The Hon'ble High Court Judicature of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad in W.P.No:16032/2013

Issues orders to set aside the illegal, arbitrary order of termination against Dr. Pramod Eknathrao Jadhav Professor ENT RIMS Adilabad.

The Hon'ble Justice Noushad Ali in his order stated that "Therefore it is evident that no notice was given to the petitioner before passing the impunged order as contemplated under condition No.6 of the appointment. Hence I am of the considered view that the impunged order is liable to be set aside on this sole ground." The rule made absolute

Counsel for petitioner : Shri Surender Reddy

Counsel for Govt : Govt pleader

The Hon'ble High Court, Hyderabad issues contempt of court notice to RIMS Doctor Dr.M. Sasidhar (Prof. Of Microbiology) for disobeying Hon'ble High Court Orders in C.C. of 2014 in W.P.No.16032/2013

Legal notice issued to Dr.K. Venkatesh & others for submitting false enquiry report without issuing charge sheet.(Ref. 16032/2013)

Inspite of legal notice served upon (1) Dr. K. Venkatesh (DME) Sultan Bazar, Koti Hyderabad, (2) Dr.P. Shrinivas (Osmania Medical College), (3) Dr.M. Chandrashekhar (Gandhi Hospital Hyderabad), (4) Dr. Upendra Goud (Anae. Gandhi Hospital Hyderabad) to submit strict proof of baseless allegation levelled against Dr. Pramod E. Jadhav, Dr.Ibatte K.N. & Dr. Manoj Joshi in W.P.No. 16032/13, they never replied to the legal notice nor could they submit any proof. Only based upon their prejudice and whims they perporated a totally false, baseless report and submitted before the Hon'ble High Court. That Dr. Ravinder Reddy and team who allegedly used to sell unclaimed dead bodies to private medical college and whose illegal criminal act were collusively interlaced conspirators were opposed by Dr. Pramod E. Jadhav, Dr.K.N.Ibatte,Dr. Manoj Joshi, fearing legal action they tried to terminate services of opponents.

Adilabad is a tribal area, people are mostly illiterate, taking disadvantage of this then unqualified Dr. Ravindra Reddy, Dr. Raja Reddy have been commiting misappropriation under the guise of faculty.

When due to termination of full time faculties the patient care come to peril the Adilabad Citizens forum started agitation and represented to the Government for reinstitution of services of three doctors.

Dr.Pramod E. Jadhav had perceived and completed his training in cochlear implant, base skull endoscopic surgeries, he has research publications stated below while under service in RIMS Adilabad.

Editor's Guild of India

To know view about the Hon'ble High Court order reinstituting renouned cochlear implant surgeon Dr. Pramod E. Jadhav's services, Dr. Pramod E. Jadhav was unavailable due to his too busy schedule in Apollo, BLK group of Hospitals. However his counsel Mohanrao Solicitor firm confirmed that the renouned cochlear implant surgeon due to his busy schedule is not available for comments.

That the solicitor firm is preparing to expose illegal activities, false deeds, inhuman sale of tribal dead bodies by filing Public Interest Litigations against Dr. Ravindra Reddy and others for causing defamation.

Lapses in service: three RIMS doctors asked to leave

The Institute Director sent on forced leave by the Principal Secretary, Health

May 28, 2013 09:16 am | Updated 09:16 am IST - ADILABAD:



While three doctors, serving in important positions at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Adilabad, were served with notice of termination of service, the Institute Director was sent on forced leave by the Principal Secretary, Health.

This constitutes a corrective measure taken by the government after the services at RIMS began getting affected due to functional lapses on part of the doctors.

The doctors, who were served with one month’s notice of termination of service, are K.N. Ibatte, Professor and Head of the Department, Surgery; Dr. Pramod Jadhav, Professor and Head of the Department, ENT and Dr. Joshi, Assistant Professor of Anatomy. The Director, M. Ravinder Reddy, handed over the charge of the Institute to Dr. M. Shashidhar before going on leave.

A three-member team deputed by the Director of Medical Education had recently inquired into the complaints against the doctors in question with regard to non-performance and other misdemeanours including reporting to duty in inebriated state.

The charges were apparently found to be true going by the move of the government.

According to a memo issued by the Principal Secretary, Health, the action against the Director was a result of a report sent by Adilabad Collector A. Ashok a few days ago.

The latter had opined that continuation of the incumbent in the post may disrupt smooth functioning of the RIMS besides threatening law and order situation.

To, The Chairman, Institutional Ethics Committee RIMS ADILABAD

Applicant: Dr. Jadhav Pramod Eknathrao, Associate Professor, Dept. of ENT RIMS, ADILABAD (A.P.). I have operated Mr. N. Nakanna, Age 65 Years, Male with Nasal tumor, On Histopathology report revealed that the patient had spindle cell sarcoma. This pathology is very rare and when I cross checked the references there is not a single case reported up till now/ Hence I sent the sample slides for Inmuno Histochemistry a confirmative evolution and sought the report. In the interest of information to Medical Community and a evoke more interest in seeking feedback from Medical Researchers, I feel this case should be reported in Medical Research Journal. I have obtained necessary consent from patient to publish his case report and photograph.

I therefore request the chairman IEC and Members of IEC RIMS ADILABAD to kindly give me permission to publish the case report of "Rare Case of Spindle Cell Sarcoma in Nasal Cavity" and oblige.

Thanking You.

Dr. Jadhav Pramod Eknathrao About Rare Case of Spindle Cell Sarcoma in Nasal Cavity - Dr. Jadhav Pramod Eknathrao, Associate Professor, Dept. of ENT RIMS, ADILABAD (A.P.)

Dr. Jadhav Pramod Eknathrao About Rare Case of Spindle Cell Sarcoma in Nasal Cavity - Dr. Jadhav Pramod Eknathrao, Associate Professor, Dept. of ENT RIMS, ADILABAD (A.P.)

Dr. Jadhav Pramod Eknathrao About Rare Case of Spindle Cell Sarcoma in Nasal Cavity - Dr. Jadhav Pramod Eknathrao, Associate Professor, Dept. of ENT RIMS, ADILABAD (A.P.)


Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) ADILABAD, MEDICAL EDUCATION UNIT, PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE to Dr.Jadhav Pramod Eknathrao in Workshop Programme on Research Methodology.Dr. Jadhav Pramod Research RIMS ADILABAD

Medical Council of India, Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences, PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE to Dr.Pramod Jadhav in Medical Education Technology.
Pramod Jadhav Medical Council of India, Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences

Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University), 'The Nodal Centre for National Faculty Development' Recognized by Medical Council of India, New Delhi, This is to certify that Dr.Pramod Eknathrao Jadhav Participant for the "Orientation Program for Dean's & MEU Coordinators" at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha, Maharashtra Medical Council has granted TWO Credit hours for this activity.

Dr.Pramod Eknathrao Jadhav Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha.

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) ADILABAD, (Government of Andhra Pradesh) Awards this Certificate of Appreciation to Dr.Pramod Eknathrao Jadhav, In recognition of his distinguish Coordination and Organization of "Basic Workshop in Medical Education Technologies" Which is conducted by The Nodal Centre for National Faculty Development' Recognized by Medical Council of India, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha.

Dr.Pramod Eknathrao Jadhav

MAHARASHTRA UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES, NASHIK, PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE to Dr.Pramod E Jadhav in the contact session of the 5th Advanced Course in Health Sciences Educational Technology and Educational project on "DEVELOPMENT OF RESEARCH APTITUDE IN UG, MBBS STUDENTS, POSTED IN ENT DEPARTMENT OF RIMS, ADILABAD".


Index Copernicus-Poland, HINARI W.H.O.-Switzerland, Indian Citation Index-India, ISSN 0973-1024
Acceptance latter for "Spindle Cell Sarcoma of Nasal Cavity" authored by Dr.Pramod E Jadhav, Dr.Swapnatai A Meshram, Dr.Rajnish S Borkar ADILABAD, AP.
This article published in journal "Gujarat Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery".
Dr.Pramod E Jadhav GUJARAT JOURNAL "Spindle Cell Sarcoma of Nasal Cavity" authored by Dr. Pramod E Jadhav, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery".


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